Aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from the aromatic essences found within plants, tree resins and flowers.  It is these aromatic essences that give the plant/tree/flower it’s unique smell and set of therapeutic properties, that can help bring the body and mind back into balance.

There are a number of ways in which essential oils can be used for healing.  In the home/office for example, a few drops can be added to a vaporizer/oil burner in order to aid relaxation/concentration. They may also be added to a tissue/ inhaler stick for an instant mood boost throughout the day or to an evening bath for a good nights sleep.

Of course one of the best ways to enjoy the oils is through the medium of massage and so I always use them (optional) in every session.  Care is taken to carefully select (up to 4) essential oils best suited to the needs/preference of the individual, in a way it’s a bit like making a therapeutic perfume that lingers long after the massage has ended.

With their gorgeously delicious aromas and healing properties, the essential oils really enhance the overall massage experience and are a pleasure to use. They leave no trace after excretion and are an effective, non invasive and non toxic treatment for many physical and psychological conditions.