Whether as a stand alone treatment or added/combined with other massage work, many clients find facial massage to be deeply relaxing.

When you think, a large part of our brain is occupied with our face, which contains 4 out of our 5 sensory organs in which we perceive the world.  Having our face massaged enables the brain to really switch off because when involved with the massage it’s attention is no longer being drawn outside of ourselves.

Whilst more of a holistic treatment, the upward flowing strokes around the jaw line combined with more staccato type strokes to invigorate/ tone the skin and of course the general effect of releasing stress and tension from the face is definitely beautifying.  Acupressure points are also worked on to further enhance the benefits of this treatment.

At the beginning of the session we’ll decide on a base oil suitable for your skin type and choose one or two essential oils to supplement your facial massage.  Frankincense for example is a nice one for aging skin whilst rose/geranium can be helpful with more problematic skin such as acne and spots.