Hot Stones

”Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Beth. I feel as if I’m walking on air after my amazing hot stone massage.”

In this treatment I use heated basalt river stones instead of my hands to massage full  body and/or any troublesome areas you’d like me to concentrate on.

The gentle heat from the stones helps to soften tense muscles, ease chronic soft tissue pain and melt away tension and stress more effectively.

As well as being used to massage the hot stones may also be placed under, on top and around your body, on the soles of your feet, in the palms of your hands and even in between your fingers and toes!

Enveloped in warmth and relaxation the stones bring a more grounding and nurturing aspect to a regular massage and there’s something very healing about having that connection with nature.

Cold marble stones may also be used to help balance the temperature of the body, bring down inflammation in congested muscles and provide a cooling and refreshing contrast to the heat.