How I work/ what you can expect

Maybe you’re feeling stressed, overworked or emotionally frayed.  Perhaps you have aches/pains/stiffness from being hunched over a computer/steering wheel for too long.  Maybe you enjoy sports and want to keep your soft tissues supple and healthy or have pain from over doing the gardening/gym.  What you need is a thoroughly good massage with Beth!

My massage style

Over the years I have trained in many different massage modalities and techniques, and my massage style if you like is a fusion of all these learned skills put together in a creative way so as to treat the specific needs of the individual.  With 15 years practice and an intuitive listening touch, I aim to tune in (and drop out!) and treat the whole of the person I am working on.

It is my intention and hope to be able convince both the mind and body that it doesn’t need all the tension/hypersensitivity/pain that it holds onto.

Three high quality sessions a day

It’s important to me that the massage’s I give are of a high standard and I put a lot of care, thought and energy into giving the best treatments I can.  I also like to create space around each massage so you’ll always feel valued, listened too and unrushed.  For these reasons I give a maximum of three sessions a day.

1 hour, 75 minute and 90 minute long sessions

My focus is always on treating the whole person/body even when working on specific areas of pain which is why the minimum length session I offer is 1 hour.  Massage offers  an opportunity for self care/love, rest and rejuvenation, as well as teaching us about our body (areas where there is and isn’t tension and its interconnectedness), and so a longer 75min or 90min session is recommended.

Free consultation

On the first visit I like to spend 10-15 minutes having a bit of chat/quick consultation.  This not only breaks the ice but gives us time to discuss reasons for visit and how I can help.  I’ll ask about relevant medical history, as well as your general lifestyle in order to treat holistically/effectively.

Together we’ll come up with a treatment plan with regards to the length of session, areas to focus on and the type of massage treatment(s) we’ll do. We’ll also put together a blend of essential oils (optional) to enhance your massage experience. Whilst it’s always nice to have a quick 5min catch up at the start of any subsequent visit, we wont do the full consultation again so you must tell me of any changes.


Music playing in the treatment room is a nice way to aid relaxation and depending on what we play can really change the feel and flow of the session.  Whilst I do have some nice music,  I’m also happy to play something from your own playlist if you have it with you on your phone or if you would rather just be in silence then of course that’s also fine.

Enjoying your massage

I will give you privacy to undress and lie on the (seasonally heated) massage table, underneath the towel provided.  Please note, areas of the body not being treated will always be covered.  When you’re ready I’ll come back and make sure you’re completely comfortable before we begin by providing any necessary pillows and bolsters.

Don’t feel you have to talk during the massage unless of course it’s to tell me you’re unhappy in some way.  Simply close your eyes and allow yourself to drift off into mind/body relaxation.  Oh and It’s okay if you fall asleep and start snoring, I’ll take it as a compliment!

Depending on the type of massage you’re having, I may well be moving you around on the table, stretching you and even climbing up on the table with you, but there’s no need to think/worry about any of this because I’ll be doing all the work and like a dance it will flow seamlessly.

It may be that certain areas of your body feel more tender/tight then others but you should never feel pain.  Instead it will be more of a feel good discomfort that tension is being released or that feeling of it being needed.

How you may feel after your massage

At the end of the massage I will leave you for a few minutes to come round.  I’ll then bring you a glass of water and leave you again to get dressed.

Regardless of the type of massage you’ve had you’re guaranteed to leave feeling very  relaxed, with a general sense of being taller, looser, more open and lighter in your body, or as many clients report, like you’re floating on a cloud of calm and tranquility!

You may also feel energized or tired, as if you’ve had a good workout or emotional and tearful if there is a lot of stress being released.

General after care

Be kind to your self.  Take time after your massage to rest, maybe take a nap.  Try to stay on your little cloud for as long as you can by avoiding any stress. Nourish your body with simple, healthy food and stay hydrated.

If you can avoid having a shower/bath for at least 12 hours then you’ll really benefit from the therapeutic properties of the oils.  If how ever you’ve had more of a deep tissue/sports type massage then soaking in a bath of Epson salts will help to further relax the muscles.

Free tailor made self care advice

Whilst massage is helpful in reducing/relieving soft tissue pain it isn’t a guaranteed one off quick fix, especially if the pain is chronic (you’ve had it for longer then 3 months).  In these cases it may take a few sessions before you feel any real improvement and so self care in between treatments is crucial in supporting the work being done in the massage, speeding up recovery time and reducing the number of sessions needed.

I always make notes at the end of each session on the effectiveness of the treatment i.e  any reduction in pain or improvement in ROM, as this is helpful in tracking progress and informing a possible treatment plan for our next session.  Self care advice is tailored to your individual requirements and may include relaxation/meditation techniques, postural advice, self massage techniques and/or stretching/strengthening exercises.

In this way the benefits of massage becomes integrated into our every day life and overall self care, teaching us body/mind awareness and empowering us to take charge of own health and well being.