Indian head

”You leave feeling lighter and more chilled in your approach”

As you would expect from the name, this treatment first originated in India.  The Hindu and Urdu term champissage (where the word shampoo comes from) literally means to massage the head and this is still offered as a treatment today in many Indian barbers.

Based on Eastern concepts of energy, having the head and face massaged, has a balancing effect on the three higher chakras/energy centers of the body which in turn has a destressing effect on the rest of the body and mind.

Brought to the West in the 1970’s Indian head massage was adapted to include massage of the upper back, neck and shoulders and with the advent of computers, poor posture and increasing levels of stress, has grown in popularity.

Today with our increased use of computers/tablets/smart phones I feel it’s also nice to include some focused work on the forearms, wrists and hands so as to keep them healthy and less prone to repetitive strain injuries as well as work on opening the chest.

For your comfort and relaxation an Indian head massage with myself involves lying on the massage table as opposed to being seated and depending on preference/requirements I use a fusion of Swedish, deep tissue and clinical massage techniques.