”Both strong and nurturing.  I fell asleep at the end, I felt so relaxed – another powerful massage, thank you.”

Pregnancy or prenatal massage is the same as any other massage treatment however it is tailored more to the needs of the pregnant women.  Suitable from 12 weeks to full term this treatment is performed in a side lying position with plenty of pillows for comfort and support.

Pregnancy massage is a peaceful treatment which allows mum to relax and thus reduce the impact of stress on her body.  It works deeply to relieve the aches and pains that accompany a changing body and the resulting postural distortions.

In many cultures pregnancy is perceived as a rite of passage as the mother goes through immense changes physically, emotionally, hormonally and psychically.  Receiving regular massage throughout this time can help mothers to integrate with these experiences.

Although many women welcome a massage towards the end of their pregnancy, the real benefits lie in having regular massage throughout.