”A very skilled and strong massage.  Shoulders feel looser and feeling very relaxed.”

Although the name implies that you have to be athletic or sporty in order to enjoy or benefit from this type of massage,  it is actually a great treatment for anyone who is physically active, whether through work, exercise or time spent gardening.

The main purpose of a Sports massage is to alleviate the stress’s and strains that build up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity.  By concentrating solely on a particular muscle group that is more susceptible to injury/overuse sports massage aims to improve it’s overall health and function.

Sports massage is a mix of both Swedish and deep tissue as well as some additional active/passive stretches that aim to encourage flexibility of the joints, healthy muscle tone and pliability of the local soft tissues.

Regular sports massage may help optimize performance levels, provide injury free training, minimize post exercise/event aches and pains and aid in the rehabilitation of minor soft tissue injuries.