”Beth is really in touch with her work, it’s rare to find the combination of a healing touch with effective pressure.”

If you’re new to massage then Swedish is a lovely introduction.

Swedish massage involves 7 basic ‘strokes’ which are the cornerstone to all other western massage.  It is the combination of all or just some of these strokes that when applied in a fluid, rhythmical way with varying degrees of pressure and tempo (adapted to preference) aims to release tension, aches/ pains and lull the mind and body into relaxation.

Swedish massage may be used to treat the whole body or just specific areas where you’d like more attention such as upper/lower back, arms, legs, neck and shoulders. I use sweet almond oil (or a base oil more suited to your skin type) and add carefully chosen aromatherapy oils (optional) to further enhance your treatment.

Regular Swedish massage is a great maintenance/preventative treatment for keeping the muscles/soft tissues healthy and less prone to injury.  Swedish massage is also a valuable tool for managing stress and supporting good mental health.