Table thai

Traditional Thai massage is normally performed on the floor on a special mat however in this treatment all of the movements and techniques have been adapted to be performed on the massage table.

Thai massage is an energy treatment that aims to bring balance to the mind and body by working on the sen or energy lines.  This is done using massage techniques such as palming (think of a cat kneading!), rocking and static acupressure work as well as assisted yoga stretching.

Sometimes referred to as lazy mans yoga, this is a lovely treatment which really helps to stretch out and release blocked/stagnant energy, thus opening the mind and allowing freer movement in the body.  The rhythmic motion of the massage techniques are also great for releasing tension and lulling the mind into relaxation.

Table Thai massage involves me using my own body to create leverage and momentum and so at times I may be on top of the table with you so as to direct pressure and carry out the stretches effectively.  Working in this way creates a beautiful dance like flow to the session in which yoga and massage are combined.

This treatment may be performed with you wearing loose comfortable clothing or wrapped/covered with a towel/sheet when integrated into other massage work.