The benefits of massage

Massage is an act of revolution and the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of modern day life.

Massage offers us a retreat/time out from the frantic nature of modern day life, it creates space to be still and reconnect with ourselves, mind, body and soul.

Massage calms the mind and the nervous system and is a valuable tool for managing stress and anxiety, it supports good mental health and can help relieve many stress related conditions.

Massage reduces/relieves soft tissue pain and helps us move better and feel better. It also supports/compliments other body work practices such as acupuncture, osteopathy and yoga.

Massage relieves muscular tension, maintains healthy muscle/soft tissue and prevents everyday physical stresses and strains building up to the point where they cause/aggravate pain.

Massage teaches us about the interconnectedness of the body and its link with the mind, it encourages positive body/mind awareness that extends into everyday life, helping us to breath better and feel better. 

Massage empowers self love and self care.

Massage comforts and soothes the soul, supports the healing of emotional pain/trauma, combats feelings of loneliness/isolation, deepens our sense of human connection and helps us feel valued.

Massage through deep relaxation offers us a chance to reset/rejuvenate and return to the world a more balanced, peaceful and loving person for those around us.