Massage styles

Based on your specific needs/preference, a massage with me, will be a creative fusion of the following styles…

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Flowing rhythmical strokes which lull the body and mind into relaxation.  Swedish massage aims to release muscular tension and free the mind from stress. Regular treatment supports good mental health and keeps the muscles/soft tissue healthy.

Deep tissue

Slow and deep strokes which work deeper into layers of muscle/fascia.  Deep tissue massage aims to release chronic tension/restrictions, aches/pains and stiffness that usually develop from poor posture, injury or overuse.  

Indian head

With focused attention on the head, upper back, neck, shoulders and arms this treatment is the perfect antidote to being sat hunched over a computer/desk/steering wheel for long periods of time whilst the head massage has a very de stressing effect on mind and body.


A combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage with additional active/passive stretching.  Sports massage aims to alleviate the stresses placed on particular areas of the body through sport/physical activity.


A combination of more advanced massage techniques such as trigger point and myofascial work alongside deep tissue, stretching and massage with the hot stones.  The main aim of this treatment is to help reduce/relieve soft tissue pain.

Hot/cold stones

Heated basalt river stones are used instead of my hands to massage the body and melt away stress and physical tension. Both the hot and/or cold marble stones may be used therapeutically to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Table Thai

This treatment involves the same assisted yoga stretches and massage techniques performed in traditional Thai massage, only adapted to work on the massage table as opposed to the floor/mat. A beautiful flowing energy treatment with its roots in the East.


Whether enjoyed at the end of a full body/Indian head massage or as a stand alone treatment, face massage is very relaxing and allows the mind to completely switch off.  It also aims to release tension in the face which has a therapeutic and beautifying effect.


Involving lots of pillows for comfort and support, pregnancy massage involves any or all of the different massage treatments, the main aim being to allow mum to relax and for any aches/pains accompanying a changing body to be relieved.


With focused attention on the feet (or hands) this treatment involves using thumbs/fingers to apply deep yet sensitive pressure to soles/palms in order to stimulate nerve endings and bring balance to the whole body (and mind). Also feels amazing!


With their gorgeous aromas and healing properties, essential oils really enhance the massage experience and so may be used in every treatment.  Like a therapeutic perfume, their scent will linger and may be enjoyed/benefited long after the massage has ended.