Why have a massage with Beth

A beautiful treatment room in a pretty location

I live on a pretty square just off Kemptown sea front which is a really nice place to come and have a massage.

My treatment room is quiet and looks out onto a backyard filled with plants.  It’s comfortable, warm and calming with soft lights, a big plush rug, squishy towels and a seasonally heated massage table.

I’m nicely nestled away, so you’ll be able to float off afterwards without having to bump into or talk to anyone. It’s also nice that the sea is just across the road for you to admire sea/sky views and further enjoy the sense of tranquility that comes from having had a massage.

Quality touch

A caring touch has the healing potential to not only relieve physical tension, aches/ pains, but also in it’s power to calm the mind, alleviate physical manifestations of emotional pain and soothe the soul.  At the beginning of every session I set the intention to really tune in, be present and use my intuitive listening touch to treat the whole of the person I am working on.

I have studied the muscular skeletal system and learnt advanced massage techniques.  With an educated touch I am able to feel the underlying muscle fibers and soft tissues and know how best to treat them so as to improve function and reduce pain.  Through my work, I continue to hone my skills and refine my touch so as to always give the best massage I can.

Excellent value for money

Sometimes having a massage is seen/felt to be quite self indulgent, something you only treat yourself to occasionally and yet massage is so beneficial and such a valuable tool in managing life(!) that It should be affordable enough to have one regularly.

So I try to keep my prices as fair and as affordable as I can, and I do this by offering a block of 6 sessions (paid upfront) for the price of 5, to be redeemed within 6 months of purchase.  This helps (I hope) to spread the cost of having regular massage which can be enjoyed weekly, biweekly, monthly or as and when, when booked in advance.